Reasons for joining the NACE Schools Group

Innovative teaching strategies, high academic performance

The success of NACE Schools is due to our unique educational vision incorporating multilingualism, new technology and an all-round education that focuses on the individual needs of each of our students. However, a fundamental factor in our success is our approach as a group.

NACE Schools Group philosophy is to maintain the individual identity of each school and to work in close collaboration with our schools at a local level. This allows us to share the best methodologies efficiently and to continually improve our educational techniques.  Across our 50 schools we have an enormous breadth of teaching talent to draw on; we have a large number of specialists in every teaching discipline, enabling us to deal with ongoing educational challenges and providing the expertise necessary to introduce innovative improvements. We are able to use the experience, knowledge and talent of our teachers at a local level to develop the best educational practice across our schools worldwide.

Continuous training and specialisation

Providing the highest quality academic foundation for our students is one of the core principles of the NACE Schools Group, and this starts with providing our teaching teams with ongoing support and up-to-date training.  Our Teacher Training and Development programme, provides our teachers with an internal assessment system, and a teaching quality support programme is provided by specialist professionals.  Thanks to a process of constant monitoring and ongoing training for our teachers, we can guarantee that our students always receive a modern, up-to-date education of the highest possible standard.

In addition to our teaching staff we have a well-trained and highly skilled network of non-teaching staff in areas such as Marketing, Finance, Human Resources and IT, which allows our teachers to focus on teaching and ensures that the daily operational and organisational business of the group is conducted smoothly and efficiently. We work as a carefully coordinated team to ensure that we offer an exceptional educational experience in every area of the group, our schools and the wider school community.

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